Vamos Jazz in July Festival

Vamos in Chania makes the ultimate Jazz destination this year, since the 5th Jazz in July festival hosts some of the greatest musicians of the Greek Jazz scene. Giorgos Fakanas, Giorgos Triantafyllidis, Fenia Papadodima, Giotis Samaras, Giorgos Kontrafouris, Socratis Sinopoulos, Aggeliki Toubanaki and many other brilliant world-renowned musicians will transform the nights of July by playing their tunes among the olive trees. The 5th Jazz in July Festival schedule includes 7 concerts, film projections as well as the photography exhibition “Blue notes in black and white” which depicts the world of Jazz as seen through the lens of leading American photographers.

Jazz in July Festival

  • Monday 4/7 – 21:00

Aggeliki Toubanaki and the Buzz Bastardz

Aggeliki Toubanaki_Photography_Giorgos Vitsaropoulos _ 2.jpg βαμος φεστιβαλFrantic Balkan beats, Mediterranean melodies, jazz harmony and crossover improvisations in an explosive performance!

Musicians: Aggeliki Toubanaki -vocals, Vasilis Ketentzoglou-guitar, compositions, Pantelis Stoikos-trumpet, kaval, Yiannis Papanastasiou-alto, soprano saxophone, Paraskevas Kitsos- bass guitar, Yiannis Papagiannoulis-percussion set, Yiannis Aggelopoulos – drums

  • Wednesday 6/7 – 21:00

Scarlet Nights

Scarlet Nights - Dora Tsiga.JPG Βάμος φεστιβαλAn acoustic, sensuous and dancing atmosphere of popular jazz standards and covers from the contemporary Music scene.

Musicians: Dora Tsiga- vocals, Sotiris Pepelas – trumpet, Yiannis Cafetzopoulos-piano

  • Tuesday

12/7 – 21:00

Raphaelidis/Klabanis/Manesis Trio

Three leading Greek jazz musicians process, explore and present a blend of their own personal compositions. A contemporary jazz creation.

Musicians: Christos Raphaelidis-vibraphone, Spyros Manesis-piano, Petros Klabanis-contrabass, loops, percussion, vocals

  • Saturday 16/7 – 21:00

Grace Flowers Quintet

Extracts from the Odyssey are combined with the artists’ own personal compositions, influenced by modal jazz, Coltraine’s post bebop and the French Impressionists.

Musicians: Fenia Papadodima-compositions, lyrics, vocals, narration, Dimitris Theocharis-piano, Yiannis Papadopoulos-contrabass, Leonidas Sarantopoulos-flute, Nikos Sidirokastritis-drums, Eri Skyrgianni-visuals.

sinopoulos quartet color.JPG βαμος φεστιβαλ

  • Sunday17/7 – 21:00


A meeting of giants: Three of the greatest pioneer Greek Jazz musicians ever on stage together! A one of a kind Jazz experience!

Musicians: Giorgos Triantafyllidis -drums, Giotis Samaras-guitar, Giorgos Kontrafouris -hammond organ

  • Saturday 23/7 – 21:00

Jazz and the Cinema

«Cotton Club»: The dawning of Jazz music and its social environment, a magnificent film by F. F. Copolla.

  • Wednesday 27/7 – 21:00

Socrates Sinopoulos Quartet

The ancient sound of the Constantinople lyra meets Jazz and contemporary music: a musical atmosphere full of feelings and memories.

Musicians: Socrates Sinopoulos –Constantinople lyra, Yannis Kyrimkirides-piano, Dimitris Tsekouras-bass guitar, Dimitris Emmanouil-percussion

Saturday 30/7 – 21:00

Giorgos Fakanas Group

Fakanas Giorgos.jpg βάμος φεστιβαλ ΛThe exceptional quartet of the celebrated bass guitarist and music education instructor Giorgos Fakanas in an astonishing performance!

Musicians: Takis Paterelis-saxophones, Markos Chaidemenos-keyboards, Giorgos Fakanas-bass guitar, Menios Pasialis- drums


Tickets cost 12 Euros at the entrance, 10 Euros in advance and 70 Euros for all the concerts of the festival. The cinema projection night is free of charge.

Vamos Art & Thought aims at featuring Vamos and the surrounding area through cultural events such as the organization of concerts, art exhibitions, film projections, theatre plays etc. and aspires to create a centre of art and thought by encouraging the artists and the audience to interact. The fact that both the artists and the audience stay at the same village allows for meaningful conversations to take place and for creative ideas to be born. At times, these ideas become actions and actions become reality.

Vamos in Chania

The semi mountainous village of Vamos is located on the foothills of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori), only 25km away from Chania and 35km away from Rethymnon. What makes Vamos a great holiday destination is the traditional architecture (mainly influenced by the Venetian period), its cobblestone little streets filled with blooming bougainvillea and its unique “kafeneions” (traditional cafés) where one can try the authentic local cuisine. As for daily trip options… magnificent beaches (the closest is only 7 km away), impressive gorges, hiking trails and bicycle routes await to be discovered!

Programme Jazz in July 2016 (1).jpg βαμος φεστιβαλ